How to make volume buttons

You will need
  • - Photoshop program.
Create a new document in the graphical editor using the New option from the File menu. Select the size of the new document so that it fits into the button, and make the background transparent.
Activate the Rounded Rectangle Tool. If you need a not very rounded button, in the settings panel of the tool, specify a value for the Radius parameter equal to one millimeter. Draw a rounded rectangle with the selected tool. The resulting figure will be the basis forbuttons.
Right-click on the layer and select the Rasterize Layer option. Load the selection with the Load Selection option from the Select menu.
Using the Gradient Tool, fill the button with a two-color gradient by selecting the appropriate color combination from the presets in the gradient palette. The gradient style should be linear, select it by clicking on the Linear Gradient button under the main menu. Top partbuttonsafter pouring should be lighter than the bottom.
Apply style to the layer. To do this, use the Blending Options option from the context menu.Select the Drop Shadow tab and enter one hundred and twenty degrees for the Angle parameter. Size parameter set to three pixels.
In the Inner Shadow tab, set the same value for the Angle parameter, and set the Size to five pixels. Apply the style by pressing the Enter key.
Shadow frombuttons. To do this, click on the button Create a new layer and fill the selected area of ​​the new layer with black color. Select the Paint Bucket Tool for this. Cancel selection with Ctrl + D.
Apply the Gaussian Blur filter from the Blur group of the Filter menu to the black rectangle. Set the Radius parameter to four pixels. Drag the shadow layer under the button with the mouse and drag the shadow three to four pixels up. To do this, activate the Move Tool and move the shadow with the cursor buttons. Lower the Opacity value for this layer to sixty percent.
Make active the layer with the button and load the selection from it. Reduce the selection by two pixels with the Contract option from the Modify group of the Selection menu.
Create a new layer and fill the selection with a linear gradient from white to transparent on it so that the white part is at the bottombuttons. Cancel selection. Using the Free Transform option from the Edit menu, reduce the area covered by the gradient vertically. Apply the transformation with the Enter key.
Change the blend mode of the gradient layer to Overlay.This can be done by selecting the mode from the drop-down list on the left side of the style palette. Reduce the opacity of the layer to sixty percent.
Using the Horizontal Type Tool, write the text that should be on the button.
Gather all layers into a folder using the Group Layers option from the Layer menu, selecting them while holding down the Ctrl key. Save the button to the psd file with the Save option from the File menu.

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