How to make wine from cowberries at home?

The unpretentious berry - lingonberry, which has a bright red color, is called the pantry of health, and the wine from it is called “the blood of Taiga”, endowing it with miraculous properties. Despite the abundance of immunomodulating drugs, cranberry wine is an excellent source of good health and longevity. Want to know how to cook it properly? In this article we will explain how to prepare the wine from lingonberries at home.

lingonberry wine at home
Lingonberry wine at home get tasty and natural
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1 literSugar1 kgLingonberry1 kg
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  • Cooking time:30 minutes

Cowberry Wine Recipe

Cranberry wine is not widely spread due to the fact that the berry is rich in benzoic acid - the most powerful antiseptic and preservative. Fermentation processes that help to turn the raw berries into wine, go through with difficulty. However, home cooking magic drink is still possible.

To prepare the wine will need 2 kg of ripe berries.They must be thoroughly rinsed, discarding spoiled fruit and garbage. Grind berry raw materials using a blender or meat grinder. To reduce the acidity and concentration of tannins, add 2 liters of water to the berries.

Pour the future wine into the bottle and cover with gauze.

In 1.5 liters of warm water to dilute 1 kg of sugar, you can add honey. Pour syrup into the lambberry juice that has begun to ferment. Close the bottle with a gas outlet or an ordinary rubber glove.

Place the container with the future wine for a month in a dark place where the temperature does not fall below 25 degrees.

After a specified time you will have a tasty and healthy young lingonberry ruby-colored wine, smelling of wild berries and having a slightly tart taste.

Useful properties of cowberry wine

The benefits of wine are due to the chemical composition of lingonberries. Berry taiga depths are rich in vitamins, acids, tannins. It plays the role of an antiseptic for urinary tract, improves the blood circulation of the eyeball, helps to eliminate toxins.

By consuming the drink regularly, but within reasonable limits, you will be able to improve your eyesight, and also get a charge of vivacity and good mood.

Delicious tart-sweet cranberry wine will be an excellent aperitif and complement to the dishes of meat, fish and vegetables.

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