How to make yourself a transformer?

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How to make yourself a transformer?

Carnival costume can be bought in the store, rented or ordered online. But not always the wishes of our little children can be found on the shelves. Exit - make a costume with your own hands. A child can be attracted to help. Such an activity will not only rally you, but also benefit the baby. It is possible that some adults will want to make a costume for themselves, because theme parties are now in vogue. In the article we will describe how to independently make a transformer costume.

We make ourselves a transformer

  1. Using the patterns, make nine rectangular prisms from large sheets of cardboard or a box. Eight of them should be the same size: four for arms and legs, and one should be larger - it is for the head. One prism goes from the shoulder to the elbow, the second from the elbow to the hand. The prism for legs goes from a hip to a knee, the second from a knee to an ankle. When collecting a prism for the head, measure the parameters so that the head is comfortable inside.
  2. On opposite sides of the prisms for arms and legs, holes must be made through which you can push your limbs. And in the prism for the head you will need to make holes on the adjacent sides, these will be holes for the neck and face, also remember to make small holes for the ears.Transformer
  3. Make a torso blank of thick sheets of cardboard or a box. In appearance, it should resemble the cover of a book, i.e. wear it will need to side. It will be fixed with scotch tape.
  4. Prisms for arms and legs will need to be connected with strips of cloth so that body parts are not visible. You can attach them with tape or sew with a thick thread.
  5. In the right places at the joints, coat the suit with glue or tape it.
  6. Use colored markers or paints to color the resulting costume. To make the costume look spectacular, consider the sequence in which you color the elements. You can decorate parts of the costume with the help of buttons of different diameters. Another idea is to make automobile wheels from thick colored cardboard and attach them to prisms for arms or legs. Use of toy wheels is also allowed.
  7. The face is the only part that will be revealed. Paint it with special safe paints to match the suit or buy a mask.
  8. Wear a helmet on your head in the color of the suit, and gloves on your hands. Take care of the shoes. She can be either black or in tune with the costume.

To complement the costume, you can use various attributes, for example, swords, shields, etc.

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