How to make yourself shake your daily press

First make a training program. It is best to use proven technology that can easily be found on the Internet. If you have not trained before, then the program must be marked "for beginners." Particular attention should be paid to video tutorials that show the correct performance. It is much easier to train this way, because you just need to repeat the exercises behind the video trainer.
Following a strict program, it is much more difficult to stop classes. Another important point in this regard is time. You must determine exactly when you will train. It is important that this happens at the same time. It is better to conduct training in the morning, when you still have the strength and motivation. The evening is also suitable, but you can withdraw from classes, citing fatigue after work and other factors.
Remember that you can not train immediately after eating food. Wait at least 1-1.5 hours.Take this into account when determining your time to practice. It is advisable that after training you also do not have any serious cases. This time you need to relax and take a shower. Such discomfort can also cause rejection of training.

Promise and price word

To make yourself daily swing press, make a promise. You can give it to yourself or some person authoritative for you. The main thing is that you consolidate your desire to strive daily for a beautiful press. You do not want to be a liar who does not fulfill his promises?
An even more effective technique is called the “price of the word.” Its essence lies in the fact that instead of a promise, you give another person a significant amount of money. A student, for example, can give 5,000 rubles, and a businessman and all 100,000. You put a condition that if at least one day you don’t pump the press without a good reason (it’s better to transfer them in advance), then the person can take all the money for himself.

Progress tracking

Also, to maintain the proper level of motivation, you need to track the progress of achieving the result. Many people retreat from the goal if they do not see a return.Schedule your workouts, see how much time has increased and the number of repetitions. Track your shape change.
Often the press is not visible due to the layer of subcutaneous fat. Even if you swing it for a long time, the cubes still do not appear. There is nothing wrong with that, you do not need to stop training. Just try to additionally engage in cardio exercises (running, exercise bike, Nordic walking, and so on), which allow you to remove unwanted fat.

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