How to measure compression

You will need
  • The ability to read the pressure gauge.
Prepare a compressometer. It is not necessary to buy this device, it can be rented.
Heat the car engine. To do this, you can just start the car and let it work. It is important that the measurement is made with a well-heated engine.
Invite someone to help you, because during the measurement it is necessary to turn the crankshaft with the starter and at the same time keep the throttle in the open position.
Unscrew the spark plug from the cylinder head.
Take a compressometer and straighten the tip with a rubber stopper so that it is easy to insert.
Insert the tip into the hole that remains after removing the candle. Remember that the tip should fit tightly.
Give the command to your assistant that the tip is inserted, after which he must press the accelerator pedal and rotate the crankshaft with the starter for 4-5 seconds. Know that the rotational speed should be at least 100 revolutions per minute.If the engine speed is lower, recharge the battery or replace it.
Take readings of a compressometer on all available engine cylinders. Be careful, if significant differences are detected in the measurements, you should check everything again. It often happens that the difference in values is caused by incorrect installation of the tip.
After the measurement is done, it is possible to judge the general condition of wear of the compression rings, as well as the tightness of the timing valves. Use comparative wear tables, they can be found on the Internet.

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