How to metal sheathe a tree

Steel is by no means the material that can be safely pasted over with wallpaper or PVC tiles, especiallythe ladder. Therefore, the optimal solution is the lining of this designa tree.
Before you get to work, you need to stock up with all the necessary materials and tools. Board, which you will sheathethe laddershould not be too thick, but, at the same time, and not be thin, so as not to crack with an excessive load on it. From the tool you will need: a tape measure, a hacksaw, a construction pencil, a drill with drills for metal and wood, a screwdriver with a set of bits, as well as a stock of bolts and nuts.
Getting started, take measurements from all elements of the ladder. Then cut the required number of boards, according to the measurements made. Then follows in each step and in certain parts of the string to drill holes. To do this, use a drill and drills for metal.As a rule, steel has a thickness of at least 5-6 mm, so it is better to first make holes with a drill of a smaller diameter, and then expand it with a larger one. During this operation, use a cold water tank to cool the heated drills in a timely manner.
After that it is necessary to put labels on wooden preparations. To do this, say, attach a measured board to the step and put a small mark on the hole made through the hole made with a marker. Repeat this operation with all blanks. After that, fix the drill bit for the required diameter in the drill chuck.
When all the holes in the boards are drilled, begin to attach them to the elements of the stairs with bolts and nuts. In principle, you can use screws or euro screws, but using them will require you to have good dexterity and an eye. Do not forget that all fastener connections are made from the back of the ladder.
At the end of this stage, you just need to sew up your structure from the back side with a sheet of fiberboard to hide the fasteners, joints and minor flaws that will most likely arise due to the unevenness of the supporting metal structure or wooden board.

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