How to moisturize your skin

Selection of moisturizers

On sale you can find a variety of hand creams. However, not all of them are effective. Before you buy a tube, carefully read the composition. It is best to moisturize the skin means with the addition of glycerin and natural oils of shea, olive, soy, argan. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain water in the skin, and for very dry and chapped hands, choose urea creams.
During the day, use lighter water-based products - emulsions, lotions, gels. They are easily rubbed and instantly absorbed, leaving no greasy residue and sticky feeling. Overnight, more saturated oil-based products are suitable, which not only moisturize the skin effectively, but also contribute to its nourishment and recovery. These creams have a dense texture, it is better to rub them into a slightly moist skin, combining the procedure with a massage. After rubbing in, you can wear soft cotton gloves - they will enhance the effect of the cream, and the bedding will remain clean.

Wraps and masks

At least once a week, use more effective means - masks, wraps, moisturizing baths. These procedures can be combined with a manicure. First, treat the skin of the hands with a scrub that effectively removes dead cells. This cleaning will help the cream to penetrate deeper into the skin, and your hands will become soft and tender.
After treatment with a scrub, you can make a warm bath with a moisturizing composition that includes essential and base oils, sea salt and algae extracts. Then blot your hands and put a mask on them. Means with herbal or fruit extracts are very good - they restore the skin, moisturize it well, return healthy color and elasticity.
Great moisturizer - homemade masks. Cook potatoes, mash them in a puree, mix with a small amount of milk and apply this mixture on your hands for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse hands and grease them with cream.
Well softens and brightens the skin a mixture of glycerin and starch. Mix a spoonful of corn or potato starch with the same amount of glycerin and rub it into the skin of your hands, moving from your fingertips to your wrists.This procedure can be done daily - it helps to heal minor wounds and soften even very rough skin.
An effective remedy is a warm wrap from cottage cheese. Soft cottage cheese slightly heat and mix with egg yolk. Apply the mixture on your hands with a thick layer, wrap the brushes with plastic wrap. After 20 minutes, rinse off the skin and apply some nourishing lotion.

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