How to name the project?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
March 25, 2015
How to name the project?

Working on the creation and development of the project, it is necessary to pay due attention to its name. Some people try to come up with a name themselves, others turn to friends, relatives or colleagues for help.

Let's see how you can name the project.

We select the name of the project

If you choose the name of the project, then you need to adhere to some points that may be indicated in the title:

Project Specialization

This moment is the most important, since the specialization and subject of the project should be displayed in the title. For example, if you create a construction project on laying wall blocks, then there must necessarily be a word from this sphere: “Laying wall blocks”, “Wall blocks: laying rules”.

For example, if children need to independently develop a project on environmental protection, then you can use the following names: “Clean Planet”, “Earth and Me”, “Planet, Smile”.If the project is aimed at creating a city of the future, then the project can be given the names: “Flying into the future”, “We are from the future”, “City of dreams”.

Project creators

Also in the title may be the creators of the project. For example, if a project is created by the legal company “Yurpomosch”, then the name of the company may also be present in its name.

Geographic location

Some authors may also place names when creating projects. For example, when creating an environmental project to clean up Lake Baikal, the name could be the following: “Lake Baikal cleaning project”, “Lake Baikal cleaning”.

Title Criteria

When inventing names, you must adhere to certain criteria for the preparation of names. Names must be:

  • Unique, that is, they should not intersect with other titles of similar works.
  • Understandable. The person who will hear the name of your project should understand what is being discussed.
  • Interesting. Also do not forget about the interest that should cause the name of your project. If the name will not be able to interest other people, then such a project will not have wide popularity.

If you decide to create a company, then the name is also important.

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