How to name an album with a loved one?

Anna Ivanova
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How to name an album with a loved one?

You are tormented by doubts, how to name an album with a loved one? Yes, so that everyone understands that your boyfriend and girlfriends "died" from envy? Not a problem, now we will help!

Enough banalities in social networks like: darling, bunny, kitten, honey, I love him ... Fu! Bad taste! Let's show so typical for girls fantasy, originality and creativity. Let's start with the simple. For example: your name is Angelina, and the other half is Vladimir, we use the first letters, we add symbolic signs and this is what we get: ♥ A & B ♥. Badges can also be used with any other phrase: ♥♥ ஐ ღ ♥ L ve you ♥ ღ ஐ ♥♥. It turns out very nice and unusual.

How to name an album with a loved one? For the title of the album with a loved one and a person dear to you, I want to show all tenderness and sensuality, in this case the following options will suit: �I breathe, live, I dream only you�, �He made the dream come true�, �He who gives me a smile� , �When we are together - there is nothing cooler�, �Thank you for having me�, �You just blow your head off�, �The onewho stole my heart �,� My world is in his eyes �,� I close my eyes and see him ... �,� The ideal man exists. Proven album and many similar options.

And for the most creative girls advice: write a few lines about your dear person, let them come from the heart. And sign them in the name of the album with your beloved. Not everyone is capable of this, but your other half will certainly appreciate such an act.

Use our tips and see how strangers from social networks start copying your album names. Good luck! Stand out and be special!

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