How to open the editors

Make a business plan, it should include: 1. Overview section. Here you need to decide on the target audience, its number and coverage of other media.2. Description of the enterprise. Its organizational and legal form. Marketing plan. Where you need to develop a detailed marketing strategy for promoting your editors print. These include contracts with major distributors, as well as non-standard ways of marketing products (for example, automobile magazines are well sold at gas stations, auto shops and salons, business magazines are in demand in large business centers) .4. Financial plan. Here you have to calculate the amount of money that will be required for the development of a print edition, namely: renting an office for an editorial board, equipment for an editorial board, staff salary, a print edition, an advertisement.5. Make a sample list of staff ineditionrequired: editor, coder, journalists, accountant, head of advertising, proofreader, manager, secretary, driver, cleaning lady.

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