How to open the hood on Ford Scorpio in 2018

To open the hood on the Ford Scorpio, pull the handle of its lock. It is located at the bottom of the steering column. At the same time the edge of the hood will rise. Stand in front of the car and put your hand under the edge of the hood. Feel for the safety hook and press it up. Open the hood lid and take the safety hook in the slot on the lid.
To close the hood, remove the safety hook from its socket, place the support in the socket and secure it with a retainer. Lower the hood to a height of 15-20 cm and release. Let him free fall on the castle. When locking the lock should be heard a characteristic click. Check its operation and reliable closure. Unreliable closed hood can open spontaneously during movement.
When the cable of the hood lock is broken, open it with a long screwdriver, reaching the bottom of the car. To do this, place the car on a viewing pit, ditch or overpass. If there is a lift or a jack with stops, hang out the front of the machine.Make sure the car is securely fixed against accidental misalignment. To do this, turn on the transmission, apply the parking brake, install wheel chocks under the wheels.
Remove the lower casing from the steering column by unscrewing the two screws that secure it. Disconnect the drive cable from the hood control lever. To do this, remove its shell from the bracket, and disconnect the cable from the lever. Push the cable into the engine compartment. Getting close to the car, remove the drive cable from the side mounts in the engine compartment. Remove the hood lock bolts and remove it.
Install the new cable in the reverse order of removal. Install the hood lid lock. Before using the repaired car, make sure that the hood release lever from the passenger compartment opens the hood latch completely. Otherwise adjust the cable.

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