How to open your car service in 2018

In a general sense, a car service is an enterprise that provides services for the diagnosis of the technical condition of automobiles, their repair and periodic maintenance. Despite the rather large offer in this market, new car services continue to emerge and successfully exist, which means that the demand is even higher.
For a start, it is worth deciding what kind of services will be provided in your service station. Practice shows that it is better to specialize in several types of repair, not trying to cover all the possibilities at once, as this will affect the required space, the list of equipment, and the number and qualifications of personnel. Therefore, select several types of service and conduct all further calculations based on this.
Naturally, you will need to register as an individual entrepreneur or a limited liability company. In addition, the service requires permission from the fire inspectorate and the sanitary-epidemiological station, and for some types of work (for example,service) - the obligatory license.
It is very important to choose the location of the service: away from the city center, closer to the highway or garage cooperative. Consider the layout of the premises, the placement of jobs, entrances, the scheme of movement of cars inside. In addition, it will be necessary to take into account all the requirements of the supervisory authorities, such as the presence of ventilation, domestic premises, emergency exits.
Purchase equipment and pick up staff. You will need lifts, stands, diagnostic devices, special tools, the set of which will depend on the types of work you have chosen. Note that all equipment must be appropriately certified. As for the staff, you will have to hire not only car mechanics, mechanics and electricians, but also an administrator, an accountant and a cashier.
Finally, when all documents are received, the equipment is installed, and the staff is ready for work, you can start an advertising campaign to attract customers. Order an eye-catching signboard, place billboards, post ads at gas stations and near garages.Advertise yourself where the number of your potential customers is maximum. Agree with the roadside cafes and place a stack of your booklets there, offer the petrol stationers to distribute your business cards - there are a lot of options for inexpensive and effective advertising. First customers can lure discounts and bonuses, thanks to which they will return to you again and again.

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