How to open your driving school

You will need
  • 1. Training room
  • 2. The possibility of renting a training ground
  • 3. Tutorials (parts of the mechanism of the car, posters)
  • 4. Three driving instructors with their training cars or their own fleet of three training cars
  • 5. The arrangement with the theory teacher
  • 6. School administrator on salary
Rent a classroom for theoretical studies and a practice site for driving. One site is often used by several schools at once, it may have tenants offering sublet in turn. Another option - hourly pay for everyone to practice, regardless of affiliation to a particular school of driving. No matter how business relationships are built with its owner, you must be able to use any training ground for practical training.
Equip a classroom that you managed to rent. A complete list of benefits - both visual posters and individual parts of the automobile mechanism - is contained in the �Category B driver training program�.Some owners of driving schools advise, instead of a number of ready-made �training� spare parts, to buy an old car and extract all the necessary parts from it - as a result, it costs less.
Decide in advance, according to which scheme you will organize practical training in a driving school - either you will have a fleet of training cars, or instructors will train the �cadets� in driving on their own cars. In the first case, it will be necessary to purchase several cars (possibly �broken� to save money) and to re-equip them in a specialized workshop, then registering with the traffic police. In the second - each instructor must be registered as an individual entrepreneur, and with him a contract for the provision of services.
Agree with a teacher (for example, a teacher at a road technical school) who, on an hourly basis, will conduct theory classes in your school. Find three driving instructors (standard number for most driving schools), with or without your training cars. As a rule, supervises the educational process at the school driving administrator, an employee with a fixed salary.
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Helpful advice
In order not to invest in the purchase of furniture, you can rent a room at any municipal educational institution - in this case, chairs, tables and a board will already be at your disposal.
Since the market for driving instruction is very saturated, use all available advertising media to promote your establishment - outdoor signs and pillars, flyers, ads in print media and in electronic sources.

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