How to organize a medical center

Be sure to study the market and prospects of your business among competitors and determine the direction of your medical activitycenter. The most profitable view today is dentistry.
You will need a room that complies with all sanitary and fire regulations, qualified personnel with valid certificates and licenses.
Familiarize yourself with the requirements of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Surveillance and Fire Service. The size of the area of ​​the room depends on the medical services that you intend to provide, and must comply with SanPiN standards. Ventilation, special lighting and repairs are required in a medical institution.
Equipment is the most expensive part of any medicalcenter. Modern medical equipment is very expensive. But if you are focused on providing quality services according to Western standards, you will have to purchase the appropriate equipment. But at the initial stage, you can do with used equipment.The main thing - the qualifications of your chosen staff.
All medical activities must be licensed. To obtain licenses, the medical center must have a room that meets all standards, well-chosen personnel with valid certificates and a list of all necessary equipment.
Each medical service requires its own license. If you, for example, are going to issue sick leave, you must purchase the appropriate license or hire a specialist with a certificate. The license is valid only for the address you specify. The term of licensing lasts, as a rule, not less than a year.

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