How to organize a radio

To create your ownradiocare should be taken about choosing a server. This can be any trusted server, for example, a SHOUTcast server. After installation, run the file sc_serv.exe. The server is ready and waiting in the wings.
Install the database and start the Mysql service using the command line. Having minimized the command line window, launch SAM Broadcast 3 and select the type for the database in its settings. When these actions are completed, restart SAM Broadcast 3.
In the settings of SAM Broadcast 3 write the name of the futureradiostations and statistics display. The remaining settings can be changed if necessary at any time.
Find the Desktop B button and click it, in the appeared section add music and enter the data of the audio stream. When all preparations are complete, runradiostation, DJ console should connect to the server.
On Desktop A, add the desired music and listen to it. To test the station, enter the address in the Add Url line in the form 192.168.333.62:6380 (ip: port).
When you are convinced of the normal functioningradio- You can share his address with everyone who wants to join in listening to music. Turntables used for listeningradioIn this case, there may be a wide variety of functions that have and support the function of playing broadcasts from a remote server. For example, Winplate, Winamp, Haihaisoft Universal Player, JetAudio Basic and many others.

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