How to paint a face on Halloween

How to paint a face on HalloweenAutumn brings not only rainy days and yellow foliage into our lives, it also gives us an unusual Halloween holiday. Recently, this Western holiday successfully merges into our culture. And if you decide to go to a similar party, then the main question arises - how to paint a face on Halloween. Indeed, in addition to the costume, makeup remains a significant element of the holiday. It is a little imagination, and you will have a wonderful make-up. But if time is running out, trust our recommendations on how to paint your face on Halloween at home.

How to paint your face on Halloween at home (with photo)

Before you paint your face on Halloween, you need to pick up materials. Ordinary paints are dangerous because they can cause allergies and run out at the most inopportune moment. A good alternative would be a face painting. In addition, it will not be necessary to search for him for a long time, it is sold in every office supply store. Prepare a sponge and brush for applying paint. Before applying any pattern, the skin must be prepared by degreasing it with alcohol or a special solution.Otherwise, you risk getting skin irritation or even a chemical burn.



How to paint a face on Halloween in the Gothic style

This is already a classic make-up to transform into a witch, a black widow or other mistress of darkness.

  1. It is necessary to whiten the entire surface of the face. To do this, we use powder or a mixed cream with white clay. Apply with a wide sponge.
  2. It is necessary to give elements of angularity to the face. Gray shadows are applied to the cheekbones and arches above the eyebrows.
  3. Eyes pay close attention. The look of the future witch should fascinate. Using a dark eyeliner draw fat arrows. If you have time to prepare, then you can use and false eyelashes. They will highlight the eyes and give the image of mystery.
  4. Highlight eyebrows in burgundy color.
  5. Color lipstick choose your taste. But the best way for the image is suitable for dark colors or a completely black tone.
  6. The final touch of our makeup will be bloody tears or a spider pattern.How to paint a face on Halloween

Face painting in the Gothic style for Halloween is ready! It remains to choose the appropriate costume and you can safely go to scare passersby.

How to paint a face on Halloween in the image of a skeleton (with photo).

In spite of everything, this is a common make-up for Halloween, it remains very complex and painstaking. Haste here will be superfluous, but the result will exceed all expectations.

  1. Apply a thin brush to the contours of the bones. Particular attention is paid to the contours of the nose, eyes, cheekbones and jaws.
  2. We paint over the places, free from the contours of the bones, with dark gray shadows.
  3. Dye the bones in white. The intensity of the color should dim from the center to the edges.
  4. Masking lips. Instead of them we should have a clear outline of teeth.
  5. Cheekbones and whiskey highlight black shadows.How to paint a face on Halloween

If you have an open suit, then apply the bone pattern and on the neck. We figured out how to paint the face on Halloween in the form of a skeleton. The work, of course, is laborious, but the result is worth it.

You can also paint faces on Halloween and characters from comics and movies (photo).How to paint a face on Halloween

After the holiday is over, you need to return to the world of the living. Make-up can be removed with the help of special milk or plain water and soap. We moisten the face with water and remove the paint from the face with a sponge and soap. After washing, to avoid irritation, we rub the face with alcohol or a special tonic.

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