How to pass face control?

If you are going to a party in a nightclub, then you should prepare accordingly, do makeup, hair, pick up clothes. All this is necessary to pass the face control, which quite often can be found at the entrance to this or that institution. Face control in a nightclub is nothing more than screening out visitors who do not comply with the policy of this institution. For example, the club may not miss out too young, from the “black list”, insolvent, etc. That is, this is a kind of control over the appearance of visitors to a nightclub. So today let's talk about how to pass face control.

Club etiquette

As you know, in different nightclubs, the rules of etiquette (behavior) may differ. Therefore, it is better to find out in advance what is recommended, and what clothes will not be desirable in a particular club.

For example, if you are going to go to a regular dance club, it is better to give up solid clothes. Your business suit or tuxedo will surprise people who also come there to have fun.It is also not necessary to dress in sportswear or too simple. Men in this case can wear jeans or pants, a silk shirt or a stylish and trendy jacket. Women can wear their casual clothes, but only the one in which they will look the most advantageous. Dilute or refresh it with any accessory (scarf, brooch, tie, belt, etc.) T-shirts, jeans and various tops are completely allowed.

What to do to get face control

  • We have already talked a bit about appearance, however, it is worth noting that shoes, which are more suitable for the gym, and not for the club, can also cause you to pass face control.
  • Some young girls (among them and those who have already turned 20-24 years old) may look too young, so the guards may take them for minors. To avoid such misunderstandings, bring along any document that confirms your age, such as a student ID.
  • The reason why you will not be allowed into the club may be a too short (or, on the contrary, too long) skirt or shorts. Visitors in sweaters are also sometimes missed. Going to a nightclub is better not to take a large bag or bag with you, as they can also cause a refusal.
  • If you are going to go to the club in a big company, then you can also not miss. There is nothing illegal in this, however, the guards are not very fond of big noisy companies. In such a case, it is better to cheat a little. Break up into couples or small groups of 3-4 people and go inside without any problems.
  • You should not go to the club while intoxicated.
  • Many clubs (especially those that are designed for the business community) do not allow people not only in beach-wear, untidy or sportswear, but also in military uniform.
  • If for some reason you were not missed anyway, you should not start a scandal in any way. As a result of this behavior, you will be well remembered, and next time you will not be allowed to accurately. In this case, you should not be upset, offended and take everything happening as a personal tragedy. Perhaps the attitude of the guard towards you is simply subjective. Go to another club and have fun there.

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