How to pay part time

Often, part-time work is confused with part-time or part-time work. In fact, in accordance with Russian legislation, the employee and the employer have the right to negotiate the length of the working day. Therefore, a person working part-time can only have a given place of work, which will be mainly, i.e. not to be a part-time worker, but to receive payment in proportion to the time worked.
The payment of part-time workers is also carried out in proportion to the hours worked, or depending on the output, or on other conditions determined by the employment contract. If the part-time worker works in regions where different surcharges or coefficients are provided, then the salary is charged to him in accordance with these surcharges.
All conditions for remuneration of the part-time worker must be stipulated in the employment contract But it should be remembered that he can receive less than the minimum wage,since the minimum wage rate implies working out by an unqualified worker the norm of working hours established by the legislation - 40 hours per week. For part-time workers, the working week should not exceed 20 hours. Consequently, the salary of part-time employees will be lower than that of the main employees.
However, like all other workers, part-timers are entitled to receive compensation and benefits provided by law.

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