How to pick off stepchildren from pepper

You will need
  • - scissors.
You can remove stepchildren only with sufficiently strong plants with a height of 25-30 centimeters. Before staving, during the active growth of seedlings and the beginning of flowering, it is necessary to remove the first flowers on the main shoot. After this procedure, the peppers will begin to gain green mass, build shoots.
After about 10-14 days after the procedure, you can proceed directly to the beefing. To do this, you need to examine the plants and find a branching of 2-3-4 stems on the main stem. So - all the branches and leaves that are above this branching, you can not touch, because this part of the plant in the future and will be responsible for the abundance of vegetables.
Nevertheless, stepchildren (branches) and leaves that are below this branching must be removed. Only to cut / cut them all at the same time can not. The fact is that pepper is a culture that is rather susceptible to damage, and with the wrong approach to stading plants can die.In one day, it is better not to remove more than 2-3 branches and leaves, the procedure itself can be carried out every couple of days, until the stem before branching is bare.
In no case can not tear off stepchildren exactly under the main stem, since after their removal there is a possibility that the open part will rot (and this, as we know, does not affect culture in the best way). When staving, it is advisable to leave the stumps of 1-3 cm long stalks to be removed, this is an ideal option to prevent damage to the main stem.
As for the time of day for removing the stepsons, the procedure is best done in the morning in warm and dry weather. The fact is that during the day the wounds of the plant have time to dry a little, due to which the risk of their rotting is reduced.

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