How to plant indoor flowers

Shine. One of the important conditions for breeding and cultivation of indoor plants. Divided mostly indoor plants into two groups: light-loving (geranium, agave, hibiscus, beloperone, gardenia, date palm, setkreaziya, kordilina, oleander, poinsettia, irezine, cacti and citrus), shade-tolerant (begonias, aloe vera, laurel, ferns, Scheffler , bilbergia, hoya, episcia, coffee tree and others). Depending on the type of a particular plant, they are located on the southern sunny or eastern sides of the room.
Temperature. Temperature and humidity of the air directly depends on the area of ​​natural origin of the plant. It is also necessary to take into account the time of year. For example, in winter it is considered normal to lower the room temperature by 10-12 degrees. Over time, the plants become accustomed to climate change and adapt to normal development. However, remember that if a plant grows poorly, does not bloom, it is often affected by pests, it is likely that the proposed temperature regime does not suit it.Get acquainted with the data of this plant, perhaps there are some nuances of its breeding.
Watering. Proper watering is a pledge of healthy and beautiful plants. In the summer, because of the hot climate, houseplants are watered more often, while in winter, watering is reduced. If the plants are watered on top, the water should protrude into the pan. The water accumulated in the pan must be drained, otherwise the soil will acidify. Many plants can be watered only through a pan, be sure to specify the information according to their type of plant.
Fertilizer and soil. Soil and fertilizers are best purchased in specialized stores. The required substrates are sold in finished form and are divided into types of indoor plants.

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