How to play Risen

�With experience points, the power is pumped to 100. After that, to build up strength, you will have to brew potions that add 5 points each, for which you will need a third level of alchemy and a number of alchemical components listed in the recipe. The recipe can be found in the ruins of the west coast, or just to buy. In addition, eaten apples and eggs increase their strength. A variety of charms and rings increase their strength, just do not forget to remove them before training, otherwise it will cost more.
It�s impossible to play Risen without a weapon. Melee weapons are represented by swords, staffs, and axes. Here is a brief description of each type of weapon:

  1. Sword - requires a bit of power, provides an attack with high speed and allows you to wear a shield (of course, the latter concerns only one-handed swords, although with the proper skill level you can take a shield with a half or two handed). However, the damage inflicted on the enemy by the sword is not great, and for a heightened strike, a very high level of skill is required.
  2. The staff also requires a bit of strength, and the impact radius provides a fairly wide one. With a staff it is convenient to fight with several enemies at the same time.However, the damage they cause is small, the shield cannot be used with a staff, and the attack speed is also low.
  3. Sekira - the most dangerous weapon for the enemy, which deals terrifying damage. Of course, it takes a lot to force an ax battle. Sekirs make it possible to deliver an enhanced strike from the second level of possession, for this, simply hold down the attack button. The attack speed of the ax is low, although it increases from level 8. The ability to use a shield with an ax appears only from level 6.

To play risen it was more convenient, use the following combinations: right mouse button - block in battle, left button - strike, if you hold down the left button, you will get an enhanced blow, quickly press the second mouse button - parry, hold down the movement button and quickly press the spacebar to the sides and back. In addition, several successive clicks of the left button provide the ability to chain punches (combo-punch), and if you learn to press quickly and rhythmically, then the speed of strikes will increase.

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