How to play WoW for free

If you want to play World of Warcraft for free, you will need to create a starting account in the BattleNet system - this can be done on the system website. After entering all the data and registering an account, you can download the game client and install it on your computer.
When the program is fully installed, you will be able to log in with your login and password, create your character and start the game. Developers can limit the access of free account players to creatures and abilities that appear in new add-ons, but a standard set of eight races and nine classes is always available in full.
In the game there are restrictions for starting versions - for example, your character will not be able to rise above the twentieth level, receive more than ten gold coins (domestic game currency) or increase the level of proficiency in a profession above one hundred units. The starter versions are designed to familiarize yourself with the game and make a decision about purchasing it, so you cannot use many of the functions available to players of the full versions.Your character will not be able to participate in the Battle of Pets, use the auction and internal mail, join groups or chat in general chat.
In this case, you will be available to communicate with the characters who have added you to the list of friends, you can complete tasks, use the game experience within twenty levels to upgrade, get game items, explore locations and use ground vehicles. At the twentieth level, PvP zones will also be open for you, battle fields of players among themselves, where you can fight with other characters for the seizure of resources or territories.
All other restrictions are imposed solely by your level - you can not get into difficult dungeons or locations of senior levels, be in areas of global confrontation of players or fly over the world on a winged transport, because for this character you need to be no lower than the fortieth level.
Lack of access to game mail does not mean that you cannot receive items from other characters. You just have to meet them face to face for an exchange.
The twentieth level will allow you to move around the map a little more confident than on the first, but strong monsters will see you from a distance and immediately attack. Try not to depart too far from the cities.

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