How to prepare and conduct a seminar

You will need
  • the room
  • invitations,
  • stationery,
  • computer, interactive board or flip chart,
  • handouts and information materials
Specify or define the topic of the seminar, state the exact name, the goals and tasks to be solved, which will need to be solved at the seminar. Write it all down on a piece of paper. Specify who will be the participant of the seminar - what will be the target audience by occupation and level of competence. Based on this, you can build the material, determine the type of feed, whether it will be sufficiently detailed, or introductory.
Consider the time required for the workshop. There is already influenced not only the importance and complexity of the goals, but also your own resources. The time taken can be from an hour to two days. Accordingly, plan breaks and coffee breaks adequate for the duration of the seminar.
Make a plan for the seminar - what questions and in what sequence will be affected. The most important thing is, after all, the content, pay special attention to it. Think about the benefits that all participants will receive. What techniques will be used - whether presentations, round tables, group work, or others, choose based on your goals. When compiling and composing the seminar content, consider the rules for the presentation of information, the wavelength of the listeners. Alternate video and audio materials, accompany the speech with illustrations. Consider in detail the course and logical conclusion of the seminar.
Get down to organizational issues. Prepare a workshop venue. Find a room in advance and agree on the conditions for its use. Familiarize yourself with it in detail so as not to waste time solving unforeseen troubles during the seminar.
Inform the participants of the seminar in advance about the time, place and conditions of the meeting. Send out invitations or place ads in special editions, media.
Prepare handouts: memos, brochures, questionnaires, questionnaires.Provide consumables: paper, pens, pencils, and other stationery. For coffee breaks, prepare disposable dishes, a kettle, and maybe something else that allows your budget.
During the seminar, be assembled, meet the guests kindly, without fuss. Do not allow yourself to be late or delay the start of a seminar. Greeting, inform participants about the purpose of the event, orient about the planned breaks. During the workshop, you can build on your plan so you don’t miss anything. Keep the handout in order and within reach.

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