How to prepare for childbirth?

Every woman wants to give birth as easily and painlessly as possible. However, one desire is not enough, we also need the right preparation. We will tell you how to prepare for childbirth so that this process is not so difficult and complicated.

Physical exercises

Many are interested in how to mentally prepare for childbirth, however, we note that preparing your body is the most important part of preparing for childbirth, since the body will be the most stressed. Therefore, it is very important that it be strong - then the birth will be much easier, and the moral aspect will fade into the background, because excellent physical shape gives the greatest confidence. And it is on the preparation of the body and organs directly involved in childbirth, we will direct our attention. Here are some of the most important and useful exercises.

  1. The first exercise is related to improving breathing. At the respiratory system during childbirth falls no less than the load on the muscles of the waist and small pelvis, so this exercise will provide you with invaluable help.The exercise itself is very simple: take a comfortable position and take 3 deep breaths with your nose, and then exhale through your mouth. Keep your lips with a straw. Repeat this exercise several times. The number of repetitions can be different, but first do not so many times, like any other exercise - the body should gradually get used to the loads.
  2. Now perform a more complex breathing exercise. Sit down in Turkish and quickly take 5 breaths and exhalations - this time through the lips, which also hold the straw. After that, take one deep breath with your nose and exhale through the mouth without changing the position of the lips. These two exercises will significantly strengthen your respiratory system. We now turn to training the muscles that will be involved in childbirth.
  3. This exercise is designed for the muscles of the uterus and abs. We put our legs to shoulder width, knees slightly bent, hands on the belt. Now, leaving the body in place, make the movement of the hips. You need to shake your hips to the side 10 times first, back and forth, and then in a circle clockwise and counterclockwise.
  4. Now sit in a frog pose (elbows and knees touch the floor, but to do this exercise, the feet should be brought together).We tear hands off the floor and hold hands on the shins, and elbows need to be pressed with spring movements on the knee area. This exercise perfectly stimulates the stretching of the pubic and inguinal muscles.
  5. To perform this exercise, stand on all fours and spread your legs wide so that the stomach is between your legs. Now spread your elbows on your knees, with your hands in the lock. Next, you need to gradually tighten the muscles of the vagina and anus from the bottom up. Happened? Now hold the tension and gradually relax the muscles, but from the top down. This exercise perfectly stimulates the core muscles involved in childbirth.
  6. Another invaluable exercise - this time for the lower back, since its share will also be a big burden. Stand in a pose of a cat (on all fours) and bend and bend your back in alternate movements. You can start doing this exercise 5 times and gradually increase to 10.
  7. The easiest exercise. Lie on your side and completely relax all your muscles. After lying on one side, roll over to the other and relax too. We led the minimum necessary set of exercises to ensure that the muscles involved in labor were in sufficient tone for this process.

How to prepare for childbirth: cervix and perineum

Here experts advise the following.First, you need to start drinking evening primrose oil from about 34 weeks of pregnancy. Buy oil in capsules and take first 1 capsule per day, from week 36 - 2 capsules, and from week 39 and further - 3 capsules per day. Also, after 36 weeks, it is advisable to have a regular sex life without a condom. Until this time, a condom during sex should be used, since the sperm softens the cervix, preparing it for childbirth.

To prepare the perineum for childbirth is best to start 3 months before the process. It is recommended to do two very useful exercises in the evening after a shower:

  1. Press down on the back wall of the vagina with your thumb. As soon as you feel a slight burning sensation, start massaging your finger from side to side. With regular exercise of this exercise, the burning sensation and discomfort should pass.
  2. Regularly lubricate the perineum with any natural oil (but not based on paraffin or silicone, as it is not absorbed by the skin). It is advisable to use some baby oil. It must be rubbed in order to nourish the crotch and that it is not dry.

How to prepare for childbirth breasts

This process requires caution, since nipple stimulation most often leads to uterine contractions. The recommendations here are as follows.

  1. Breast after a shower is best wiped with a rough towel. Focus on the nipples at this time.
  2. During pregnancy, wear only cotton bras, so that nothing interferes with the breast.
  3. Wash your breasts with shower gel, do not use soap.
  4. Use a contrast shower - it perfectly massages the nipples.
  5. About a month before delivery, smear nipples and a halo with a special ointment (it is better to ask the doctor which one, but usually this is Purelan-100). Also, do not immediately wash off, and rub the colostrum on the nipples, which can stand out in the last period before birth.
  6. Walk more often with open breasts - she needs more air.
  7. Gently pull the nipples to form an elongated shape. It is good to do this with my husband.

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