How to prepare for the winter climbing rose

How to bend the shoots climbing roses

Preparation of roses for the winter should begin before the start of sustained frosts. Pinch the flowers of the rose, if possible cut the leaves with shears. This will help to suspend excess evaporation of moisture. In addition, in the winter shelter leaves can become a hotbed of fungal diseases.
Climbing roses of the group “Rambler” with flexible lashes, remove from the supports, roll the shoots into a ring. Roses of the “Climber” and “Cordes” groups have thick and tough stems, so it is very difficult to bend them to the ground, but it is possible. Do this very carefully, so as not to burst the bark on the shoots. Tie off the twigs and start to bend down. This should be done only in warm weather, until the shoots have lost their flexibility, and bend them gradually over several days. If you manage to bend the roses to the ground, attach the shoots with wire, spud 25 cm at the base. Pour with sawdust or cover the whip with spruce branches.
It happens that the shoots are too thick and cannot be laid; you can try to warm the rose in an upright position. Tie it with a lap frame or nonwoven covering material, for example, spandbod or lutrasil, together with a support.Cutting climbing roses for winter should not be, because the next year you risk instead of getting ordinary bush plants.

How to make a cover for roses

On the soil, put a spruce branches or boards and lay a whip on them. From above, cover with several branches of a spruce branch and a sheet of roofing material so that the design is not demolished, put a load on the edges of the roofing material.Put shelter only in good weather.
The best shelter in the cold is snow, snow cover significantly helps plants survive the cold. If there is not enough snow or it is blown out of the place where climbing roses grow, periodically sprinkle it or arrange a structure of snow retention boards.
Some flower growers are advised to cover the roses with wooden shields about 80 cm wide and of the required length. They are placed over the curved shoots of climbing roses like a two-slope roof. So that the shields do not disperse, and the shelter does not fall apart, they drive pegs into the ground. With the onset of cold weather, the construction is covered with plastic wrap, and you can use its pieces.During thaws such shelter is very easy to open to prevent the roses from scorching.

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