How to protect your skin in winter

Apply all cosmetics for 30-40 minutes before going out. This is necessary so that the water contained in the creams does not provoke irritation of the skin, cooling it further.
As a day, use a rich cream - it will protect the skin from temperature changes and the vagaries of the weather. As a night cream moisturizer suitable. In the winter season, try to use cream with vitamins (A, C, E), as well as containing lanolin, mink oil.
Contrast procedures set aside until spring. Ice washing, rubbing the face with ice cubes in the winter is unacceptable because it will expose the skin to additional stress.
Try to humidify the air in rooms where you spend a lot of time. Use for this all available methods - from electrical appliances, to banal bowls of water and wet towels on radiators. Dry indoor air is fraught with not only skin problems, but also various diseases.Dry mucous membranes are open gates for pathogens.
At the time of cold weather, refuse antibacterial soap that dries the skin. The same rule applies to very hot water. Wash with special products or cream soap, using water at room temperature.
Once or twice a week, apply a nourishing moisturizing mask appropriate for your skin type. After removing it, use a nourishing cream. Mask is best done at bedtime.
Do not forget that in winter lips also need special care. Choose for a cold season more fatty lipstick with mink oil or jojoba oil. If you do not use decorative cosmetics, use hygienic lipstick. Do not leave the house without protecting the thin and delicate skin of the lips.

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