How to publish a book without spending money

Find a publisher that is ready to finance your project. His choice depends on many factors, including the profile of the book. If you create fiction, send the results of your work to all possible publishers - this will increase your chances that you will see your text published.
If you want to publish scientific or educational literature, try to get a grant for writing or publishing it. Grants are both Russian and foreign. Information about this can be obtained from your place of work, for example, at a university department or at the dean's office. You can also contact third-party organizations - research institutes, non-profit foundations - and look for funding there. To increase your chances, stock up on recommendations from serious scientists in your field. Also, the possibility of free publication may be the inclusion of your book in the scientific plan of your institute or university.
Prepare the text for publication. Arrange it according to customer requirements, up to the size of the indent at the beginning of the paragraph. It is advisable to prepare the test for shipment in two versions - printed and electronic. If you have the opportunity, hire a professional corrector to correct your mistakes and stylistically inaccuracies. In the absence of funds for this, attract at least relatives or friends for re-reading - an outlook on creativity from the outside is always helpful.
If your text is not accepted for publication free of charge in print, try to contact one of the online publishers. There, your book will be able to issue in electronic form that will allow you to distribute it, including for a fee - the copyright will remain with you. Subsequently, if you wish, you can republish it in print.

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