How to pull out a tooth?

Everyone knows that the dentist should deal with teeth, and everyone knows about visiting him twice a year too. However, despite the fact that today, without anesthesia, they probably don’t treat anything at all, many of us are still afraid to go to the dentist. Well, if everything seems to be understandable with the treatment, you can’t cope with it on your own, then it’s much harder to jerk your teeth.

Almost everyone is afraid to remove teeth, especially children, who, because of their age, have to experience the procedure for removing milk teeth quite often. Many parents puzzled how to pull out a baby tooth so that it does not hurt the child?

Baby tooth

How to pull a tooth out of a child, history knows a lot of ways. Special ceremonies are timed to coincide with the loss of the first baby tooth in many countries. We know about the tooth fairy, who exchanges fallen teeth for coins, about the fact that a tooth must be given to a mouse or dog, so that permanent teeth can be healthy and so on.

Ways to remove a baby tooth

If your child refuses to go to a dental surgeon to rid him of a rocking tooth, then you can try it yourself.Although, of course, in the hospital, to remove the tooth is easier and best of all, because, firstly, today it is well anesthetized, and even without the notorious injections that children are so afraid of, and secondly, only a doctor will be able to check that the removal process passed completely, and in the gum there were no shards left.

  • The way with the thread. A loop of thread is thrown over the rocking tooth, and then pulled over it, sometimes tied to a door or something else. However, this method has many disadvantages:
    • Tying a thread to a tooth is quite problematic, as it constantly slides off.
    • The child at the time of tying the thread, by the way, is also not standing still, usually, he is scared, crying and pulling out.
    • Not the fact that you will be able to remove the tooth in this way from the first time, but to persuade the child to a second attempt is not an easy task.
  • Method without thread. How to pull out a tooth without this frightening attachment? The tooth needs to be constantly shaken. A well-swollen tooth can fall out on its own while eating. You can often give the children something to nibble, an apple, carrot or crouton. Also, a loose tooth can sometimes be removed with the fingers. But for this, the tooth must be heavily loosened.

How to pull out a tooth without pain, many people want to know, although you are unlikely to succeed. The child needs to be reassured, interested. To do this, you can promise him something interesting, for example, the rite of giving a torn out tooth to a mouse or a tooth fairy. It all depends on your imagination. Let the baby know that it will be at first a little painful, but very interesting. And this interest should force to overcome pain. You can just promise him a new toy, which he had long dreamed of.


How to pull out a molar tooth? With molars teeth all the more difficult. Thread does not remove them. In the old days, however, various methods of tooth extraction were practiced, but this is from the banal absence of dentists. Today, the teeth are removed by a surgeon in a dental clinic.

  • So, you go to the doctor. A dentist examines your teeth, and if you need to remove, he makes an injection with painkillers, after asking if you are allergic to drugs.
  • When the anesthesia works, the doctor will use a special instrument to remove the tooth. Usually this procedure takes a little time. If necessary, they can prescribe an x-ray to make sure there are no fragments left.
  • After the tooth is pulled out, a tampon is put on the hole, which you should keep in your mouth, holding your teeth for a while (usually about half an hour) to avoid bleeding.
  • The main thing you should know about after tooth extraction is: in no case should mouth rinsing be performed. Your doctor should warn you about this.
  • The hole after the removal of the tooth heals and tightens for about 2-3 weeks.
  • If after the operation you have some troubles: temperature, boiling, pain and so on, then you should not self-medicate and wait for everything to go away, you should immediately go to the dentist who will look at what you have and how to solve it .

Thus, the question of how to pull out a tooth, you must decide correctly. It is best to go to a doctor, of course, but if this tooth is milky, then you can, in principle, manage yourself, but still, be careful that there are no complications.

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