How to put a log house

You will need
  • - carpenter's ax;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - two-handed saw;
  • - chisel;
  • - plumb.
If you do not have significant experience in the construction of wooden structures, start with the constructionlog house, assembled “in a paw”, with a size of 6x8 m. Such dimensions of the future house are quite compact, but allow you to conveniently plan the interior of all the rooms. Having acquired skills, you will be able to further make a wooden structure of any desired shape and size.
Before building a log house, install temporary linings on a flat platform. These can be logs or bricks stacked on top of each other. Having built a frame on such supports, you can easily transfer it later, after having disassembled it. If the place is chosen for the construction of a structure finally, then you can lay down the log house on the finished foundation or make a foundation under the chopped structure later.
Find out for yourself what the design is.log house. It is a log building without floor and roof.The building consists of several crowns (rows of logs), the number of which determines the height of the structure. The crown is a rectangular design composed of perpendicularly stacked logs. Logs are fastened in the corners with the help of certain lock joints.
Erection workslog housespend not at the height, as it is sometimes shown in the films, and on the surface of the earth. Otherwise, you will have to expose your life and health to danger, carrying out operations with an ax and logs in an uncomfortable position. In extreme cases, install scaffolding for insurance and ease of handling the upper rims.
Begin to make a log cabin with the first, finishing crown runs. On one side of the log, perform a piping 10 cm wide; With this edging, the log will rest on the lining.
Process the ends of the runs. Make recesses at both ends of the logs on both sides, maintaining their width about 2/3 of the diameter of the log. The length of the notch should be constant for all crowns and equal to the maximum diameter of the logs.
From the end of the log, draw a line "paws", "having an extension into the future of the structure. On the "cheeks" logs draw vertical lines,so that they are separated from the butt by the width of the notch of the return log, and then follow the lines to gash. Now cut down the paw with an ax. Lay the log grooves on the "paws". The logs made among themselves fasten with brackets, having corrected a form and the sizeslog house. Proceed to making the next crown.
Use when layinglog housea method called chopping with subsequent transfer. In this case, the log house is erected in parts, where each part has a height of approximately human height. After manufacturing the individual partslog housedismantle them on the ground and put them on the main log house. This method will allow you to work with the ax exclusively on the ground, which is much more convenient from the point of view of security.

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