How to put on a team in Euro 2012

Register on one of the sites of the bookmakers. These services include “Marathon”, BetCity, bookmaker “Zenit”. In order to access your personal account, you will need to enter information such as your last name, first name, middle name, your email address, mobile phone number and security question, with which you can pick up the money won.
Top up your account. To do this, you must have a wallet in the electronic system QIWI or WebMoney. You can also transfer money from a bank card or from your mobile phone account. Please note that for some transactions a fee is charged, so add it to the desired amount of transfer.
Carefully review the situation. Statistics on past matches of teams participating in the competition can be obtained, for example, on the Allscores website. Of course, if you regularly watch games and know almost everything about the teams participating in Euro 2012, it will be much easier for you to make a good prediction. If this is not the case, use the advice of professional forecasters and avid fans.Their hypotheses can also be found on the Internet.
Place a bet. If you are registered in several bookmakers, you can compare the rate of a single event on several websites. Then select a larger one. If you are sure not in one, but in several events, you can connect them in an express. In this case, the coefficients are multiplied. Please note that the express can only include one event from each match.
Put money on the chosen team directly at the betting collection point from the bookmaker office. So you avoid registration procedures on the site. The operator will give you a printout with upcoming events. Select the desired match. After making a bet, an employee of a bookmaker is obliged to issue you a check signed by the cashier.

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