How to put walls right

Alignment of walls, ceilings, any other surfaces of the premises is done by filling. This simple, but requiring practical skills, the work is carried out in several stages. From tools it is necessary to have a trowel, a rule for running and leveling large areas of surfaces and sandpaper for stripping. The spatula is used when it is necessary to level small areas of window slopes, corners and other surfaces. For aligning ceilings and walls, the rule is more suitable. The modern construction market today offers a wide range of fillers, both in consistency, composition, and in color. The choice of a filler material depends on the structure and type of the treated surface, the place of work and the desired result.

The technology of the work on filling is as follows. Dry spatula mixture diluted with water in the proportions indicated on the label or packaging and stir.Or we take the ready putty immediately put in a special tray and cover with a cloth to avoid premature drying. Usually professionals work with two spatulas - a small one, which is recruited and applied to a large spatula and accordingly large, which put the mixture on the surface. Spatula work gently pressing and pulling it across the surface in different directions, adjusting the layer by strengthening or weakening the pressure. The stronger the pressure, the more thin the layer of putty putty and vice versa, the thicker the layer, the less pressure is applied. In large areas with pronounced unevenness and inconsistencies in the plane, the putty is applied to the surface and stretched by the rule several times. It is then allowed to dry and re-pass with a spatula and rule to obtain a perfectly flat surface. If it is necessary to apply several layers of putty, it is necessary to make a break between each layer for their natural drying.

Then the scraped surface should be sanded with a sanding pad. Grinding can be carried out both on a dry surface and on a wet one.A dry surface is required when using adhesive putties, as they are destroyed by the action of moisture, in the second case when using putties based on oils and varnish. Grinding is performed by uniform, usually light circular motions. After polishing the surface is primed, if necessary, putty on a primer, the procedure of putty and the subsequent primer is repeated up to 3 times.

The finished surface should be completely flat without irregularities, drops and roughness.

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