How to quickly cure conjunctivitis

You will need
  • - drugs prescribed by a doctor
  • - disposable handkerchiefs
  • - disinfectant
  • - individual toiletries and a towel
Read the medication instructions. Many need to be stored in the refrigerator, but they will not tell you about it in a pharmacy.
Ask your doctor or pharmacy if these drugs are combined with each other. It happens that not all eye drops can be used together.
Wash your hands before and after burying. In general, it is better not to touch the eyes with your hands. After instillation, sit for 5 minutes, head down.
When you dig in your eyes, try not to touch your eyelashes, so that the infection does not get on the pipette. It must be clean.
Every day, change the pillow case so that the infection does not get into your eyes again when you go to bed.
If hematomas appear on the eyeball - do not worry, this is all the same conjunctivitis, only with pronounced symptoms. From the eye can even go sukrovitsa. You can go to the doctor to appoint tests if the condition worsens greatly, even if you are doing everything right.
Do not sit at the computer for a long time, rest more and have a walk in the fresh air. If you can not do without a computer - make a large print and interrupt more often, giving rest to your eyes.
Sleep more, because sleep cures all diseases.
Use a personal towel to avoid infecting loved ones, and also give yourself a personal dish, otherwise all family members may get sick with conjunctivitis.
More often wipe the surface of the house disinfecting solution.
Stock up with paper handkerchiefs and throw them in a separate place - better in a closed container so that viruses do not spread around the house.

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