How to raise a son. Tips for parents.

How to raise a son

How to raise a son.

Raising boys is a responsible process. Every mother wants her son to grow up a real man, strong, intelligent, courageous. And these qualities are laid from childhood. And parents should help in this.


So, we give advice on how to bring up a real man:


  • If you want your boy to be responsible and independent in his adult life, give him the opportunity to show these qualities from his childhood. Wean about "mother's hand." Although there is a perception that boys are more attached to mom than girls. In most cases it is. But up to a certain age. From the age of three, the sons begin to show independence. Sometimes even too much. Here it is necessary to find a "middle ground".
  • Choose toys with boyish interests. Today in stores you can find a huge selection of machines, airplanes, radio-controlled helicopters, water pistols, transformers, spacecraft. Choosing a developing toy, you can also take into account the tastes of the son.Designers from which garages and multi-level roads are assembled, jigsaw puzzles with pictures from the favorite of all the boys in the cartoon “Cars”, kits for constructing rare models of cars, ships, airplanes. Such gifts your son will be very happy!
  • In the relationship between mom and dad there must be harmony and well-placed priorities and roles. A boy should have a model of ideal relations between a man and a woman before his eyes. As the saying goes, the husband is the head, and the wife is the neck. If your family has a “neck,” it is not necessary for your son to know about it. Let mom learn restraint and try not to show their leadership qualities so vividly. You do not want to raise a henpecked!
  • Raise in the son of a gentleman, learn to respect women. And an example of this should be served beloved dad. Show your son how to treat your mother, grandmother, younger sister. Outside the house, also be polite to the female gender: first pass through the door, give your hand, give up space in the public transport. A women's holiday on March 8 should be a litmus test of attitudes towards women in the family.Together create a gift, buy bouquets of flowers, clean up the apartment, decorate the festive table, sign the cards. The son himself can draw postcards for his mother, grandmother and sister
  • Take the child to the sports section. It can be karate, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, swimming. If the boy likes to dance, there is nothing to worry about if you give him to the dance studio. Sports dances develop muscle mass, strengthen posture, develop aesthetic taste and ear for music. Does the boy have strong creative abilities? There is nothing wrong. Some men miss this very much.
  • On weekends and evenings, offer your child an active vacation. Ride bicycles and rollerblades, play football in the yard, go fishing. Introduce your son with men's hobbies. Does the boy like cars? Buy cars on the radio and sometimes take it with you to the garage.

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