How to reconcile their parents with each other

It is necessary to find out the cause of the quarrel - this is one of the main tasks. If the reason is still pretty serious - addiction to alcohol, for example, then your efforts here will be almost irrelevant. Such problems should be solved by the father and mother themselves, and your business is to accept the decision of the parents. Although your opinion is worth expressing.

Try to find a compromise

After the cause of the quarrel becomes clear, try to find a solution to the problem that will satisfy both parents. It is very difficult to find a compromise. For example, often a quarrel arises precisely because of his absence.

Discuss the problem with your parents.

Having found out the cause of the quarrel and having an idea of ​​how the world can resolve the conflict, you can try to reconcile mom and dad. But do not go right through, but proceed carefully and tactfully. You can try to ask your mother about the reasons for the quarrel with his father. Ask about how she personally sees the solution to the problem. Of course, this should be done when the father is not around.Such questions should be asked to somehow start a conversation about a quarrel.Try telling her how you suffer because of their conflict. Mom must understand that their quarrels with her husband negatively affect the psyche of their beloved child.Then mom can look at the problem from the other side. Then you have to lie a little, saying that the father really wants to make peace, but does not know how. Offer her the first step.Now everything has to be done with dad too. The result is not long in coming.

Be reasonable

No need to rebel and do stupid things. Your leaving home or addiction to bad habits will not solve the problem and will not bring it to good. This way you can bring your parents to the extreme boiling point. In this situation, your task, on the contrary, is to calm and reconcile mom and dad.

Some practical tips

  1. Try to seat them at the same table. You can cook for them dinner by candlelight.
  2. Invite your mom and dad to the park at the same time, and stay home yourself.
  3. You can send your mother a bouquet, allegedly from her father. But then warn her that he categorically does not want her mother to know that a gift from him.
  4. You can buy dad a small gift, and give it to the mother's face. But, in the same way, to say that she ordered to give from herself.
  5. Putting people together is easier when they are in a good mood. Persuade them to go to the cinema with their whole family for some easy fun movie.
  6. You can also say jokingly: “Dear parents, I am not angry with you anymore, therefore, I allow you to reconcile immediately.

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