How to recover from depression

You will need
  • - A trip to an exotic country;
  • - Babushka in the village;
  • -Chocolate;
  • - Bananas;
  • -Citrus.
Think about when your painful condition began. You may have seasonal depression — many people suffer from it in November and May. Or in your life there was a sad event - the dismissal from your favorite job, the rupture of a relationship with a loved one. If you know the cause, it will be easier for you to deal with depression.
When an objective reason that does not allow you to live normally is found, eliminate it. Get a new job, get a non-binding novel.
If you had a blues for reasons unknown to you, try to treat it with general methods. Change the situation - fly on vacation to an exotic country, or visit your grandmother in the village - the main thing is that you get new positive emotions.
Eat bananas and citrus fruits. Bananas contain serotonin - the hormone of joy, and orange color of oranges improves mood.You can also hang orange curtains in the room, buy an orange blanket or an orange mug for tea.
If the figure allows, consume chocolate, it also contains the hormone of happiness. However, do not be too carried away with sweet, otherwise you will have another reason fordepressed.
Find a hobby, preferably related to physical activity. It can be dancing, aerobics, extreme sports. Generally, if you have a blues, it is useful to move more and be in the fresh air - it treats depression. If you like to embroider a cross - do not give up on such a hobby. The main thing is that it brings you joy.
Try to communicate more with nice people and visit interesting places. It can be exhibitions close to you subjects, museums, favorite coffee shops. But alcohol in your condition is better not to abuse.
If the blues does not recede, you have insomnia, lack of appetite, fatigue and irritability, see your doctor. In this case, you can cure depression with antidepressants.

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