How to reduce the size of gloves

Try to reduce the sizeglovesusing water. Take a pot of water, put it on the fire and put leather gloves into the water. After the water boils, you need to boil the gloves a little, and then dry them. However, in this case there is no guarantee that the leather on the gloves will not crack, and the accessory itself will not “snag” to too small sizes. Therefore, before resorting to such an extreme method, think carefully.
Take advantage of the services of a specialized studio. Today in every city there are companies that are engaged in the repair of things made of genuine leather. When you apply, you will definitely win, because experienced specialists will work with your gloves and they will not spoil your skin.
Use gloves very carefully. Once removed, lightly pull them all the way. And if your gloves are very wet in the rain or sleet, blot them with a damp cloth and dry them thoroughly on a towel. In this case, your favorite gloves will last a very long time and will retain the original appearance.

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