How to reduce weight gif

Reduce the number of colors used, if necessary, to reduce the weight of the image stored in the gif file. Of course, this should not be done “manually” - most graphic editors have the necessary function to optimize images of this format. For example, to use such an option in Adobe Photoshop, first load the necessary file into it via a dialog box called by pressing ctrl + o.
Use the ctrl + alt + shift + s hotkeys or the Save for Web and Devices item in the File section of the Adobe Photoshop menu to open the optimization dialog for the loaded image. Expand the drop-down list in the “Colors” field and select the appropriate number of shades of color used in your opinion. In the preview image, you can see how this change will affect the quality of the image, and in the caption below it will be the weight of the gif file corresponding to the selected quality. If this option is unsatisfactory - try a different number of colors.
Click the bookmark with the words "4 options" above the preview image, if you want to see the optimization options that Adobe Photoshop will create on its own. In the upper left frame, the original sample will be presented for comparison, and in the other three - variants with different numbers of colors used and other settings affecting the quality. Under each of them will be placed the weight of the gif-file corresponding to the image of this quality. Choose the option that suits you, adjust the settings if necessary, and click the "Save" button.
Specify the name for the modified gif-file and the place of its saving in the opened dialog box, and then press the “Save” button again.
Many programs for viewing files can also compress files of this format. As a rule, the image quality can be changed by selecting the “Save As” item in the program menu. For example, in the FastStone Image Viewer after selecting this command, a save window opens, where the button labeled Options is placed below the Save and Cancel buttons.

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