How to remember, then forgot what?

It is simply impossible to remember everything. But what if something very important is forgotten?

  1. You can try to think about things that are somehow related to what you want to remember. For example, if you forgot the name of some actor, then list the films in which he starred or remember the name of his spouse. The associations will probably help you refresh your memory.
  2. If a person has forgotten where he put some thing recently, then you can try to reproduce the events that preceded the loss. For example, if you were going somewhere, holding an object in your hands, then remember where you managed to go along the road. Go around these places, for sure there is a lost thing in one of them.
  3. If you forgot what you said a few minutes ago (this, by the way, happens quite often), then try to remember what you told earlier. You can also ask to remind the topic of conversation of your interlocutor. And do not be shy, there is nothing wrong with that, because this can happen to anyone.
  4. If you can’t recall an event, name or name in memory for a long time and are worried about it, just let yourself rest and get distracted.Probably, soon the brain itself will restore information.
  5. Visualize memories. If you have forgotten something, then mentally give this subject, event or even a person a visual appearance. It should be clear, so reproduce all the details and details. So, if you need to remember the name of an object, mentally describe it, imagine that you are using it.
  6. Try to say words that are somehow related to what you need to remember. These can be characteristics, definitions, actions, states, and so on. And you can not just pronounce them, and write, so you can get more tips.
  7. Use memories and associations associated with what you forgot. For example, if you can not remember the name of your former classmate, then recall in memory your communication with him in school years, his communication with other students, or some situations in which he was an actor.
  8. If you lost some thing at home and believe in people's signs, then try to pronounce loudly and clearly during the search: "House, house, play, give it!". You can also “cajole” the brownie by putting a saucer with milk and cookies in a secluded place. Surprisingly, this method may well work.If you believe in such a sign and tune in that the brownie will certainly give up the thing, then the brain will begin to work in the right direction.
  9. Try to use the type of memory that was used when memorizing things. For example, if you have forgotten the name, text or motive of a song, then try to listen to another singer song. If you can't remember how to spell a word, then take a pencil or pen in your hand and just start writing it. Probably, the memory of hands will work, and you will not make mistakes.
  10. The simplest, but at the same time effective way to remember the forgotten is to ask for the help of others. Think about who can remember what escaped from your memory, and refer to it.
  11. If you can not find any thing, then try to remember where you selected it last time. Approach this place, look around and try to think about what you did here when you saw the lost object. Perhaps you took it and moved it to another place.
  12. Try to reproduce events not in chronological order, but in reverse, that is, from now on. Remember what you did a minute ago, an hour ago.Imagine you are rewinding the cassette. Such a mental journey through time can help restore memory.
  13. If you need to reproduce long-forgotten information, and you can’t do it, then try the exercise. For half an hour, think about the subject, person or event that has escaped your memory, constantly and intensely. Then, for a few minutes, reflect on what is somehow connected with the forgotten. Then just relax and get distracted. After a few hours, repeat the exercise. Run it three to five times. After such training, the memory should be restored.
  14. What to do if no methods work, and remember something is very necessary or even vital? Cardinal measures will help, namely hypnosis. This technique allows you to get to the most remote corners of consciousness and memory, so you'll remember exactly everything (even what you do not need). But it is important to find an experienced professional, as an incorrectly performed session can disrupt the work of the nervous system. If the information is hidden very far (as it happens, if it is not used for a long time or is extremely negative), it may take several sessions.
  15. Believers can turn to God for help. Just pray.
  16. If you believe in otherworldly forces and their help, try using a conspiracy. Here is the text: “There are three dawns across the sea. How to call the first dawn, I forgot, the second name was washed away from my memory, and the Mother of God revealed the name of the third dawn to me. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen". Say these words three times.

Now you can remember everything using the above tips.

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