How to remove spaces between paragraphs

Click the right mouse button on the selection to open the context menu. When you click this button on another place in the document, it deselects the selection and opens a menu to control other properties of the document.
You can open the desired menu using the keyboard, by pressing the "Properties" key between the right "Alt" and "Ctrl". Find the line "Paragraph" and left-click.
In the "Indents and Spacing" tab, find the "Interval" paragraph. In the "Before" and "After" fields, set the value to "0" to set the minimum distance betweenparagraphs. If you wish, you can set any other value less than the initial one. In the preview field, check the difference between the original and the new text format.
If the interval betweenparagraphsnot due to the menu settings, but by inserting “empty” lines, position the cursor at the end of the last line of the first paragraph and click “Delete” once.The second paragraph will come closer, the distance will be reduced.

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