How to remove spasm?

When we are physically working, we strive to ensure that the muscle tissue remains smooth and elastic. But it is often necessary to meet with the fact that various parts of the body continue to maintain tension, despite the lack of load. This is a very unpleasant sensation, and from here a problem arises: how to relieve muscle spasm? In the article we will try to describe methods not only of how to relieve muscle spasm, but also other types of spasms, for example, how to relieve intestinal spasm. Let's start now!

Remove muscle spasm

The main methods of working with muscles are given below. They will help either avoid spasms, or relieve muscle spasm.

  • Warm up the muscles. It is necessary to warm up each time before classes begin to bring the muscles into an equivalent state. “By default”, without warming up, the muscle tissue is different in tension: there are both tense areas and relaxed ones. If such a muscle is subjected to exertion, most likely you will either get a rupture of muscle tissue or cause muscle spasm.
  • Crick. By stretching the muscles, you can easily remove cramps and prevent them from forming in the future.The main thing - the regularity of training.
  • Strengthening the muscles. Before you perform any exercise or even subject your muscles to stress, you need to train your muscles in this area. And it is necessary to train all the muscles, both slow and fast.
  • Muscle relaxation. You must be able to relax your muscles, there are many relaxation techniques, it remains only to choose.

How to remove muscle spasm? We offer you several ways to choose from:

  1. Strain the spasmodic area even harder, hold your breath when unbearable - exhale and relax sharply.
  2. The method of "inner smile." Imagine the most pleasant sensation that only a part of the body that was affected by spasm could experience.
  3. Massage spastic muscles.
  4. Sprain stretch.

But not only muscles can be spasmed!

How to remove vascular spasm

  1. If you feel symptoms of vasospasm (dizziness, pressure drop), pour hot tea.
  2. Add sugar and ginger.
  3. If possible, drop a drop of brandy.

Now you just need to drink this tea. in this case he will be the cure. This will help your vessels avoid cramps.

How to remove intestinal spasm

Many people are worried about this particular problem. Of course, it is easier to warn than to remove intestinal spasm. For example, chew food thoroughly, do not be distracted by anything at meal time, eat with concentration.

But if the trouble still came, then you can remove the intestinal spasm as follows:

  • Take two pills "No-shpy" or "Drotaverina" (the active substance in both drugs is the same, so you can take any). Come as an emergency measure.
  • Brew a tablespoon of pharmaceutical chamomile and let it brew for an hour, then filter and take 30 milliliters in 2 hours the whole day. Then continue to take 50 milliliters every 4 hours. A full course is a week.

Now you know how to remove the spasm. Get ready for anything!

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