How to remove the clutch?

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How to remove the clutch?

Remove and disassemble the vehicle's clutch is necessary when a malfunction occurs. This may be increased noise, jerks or incomplete engagement of the clutch, as a result of which the vehicle begins to slip in a flat place. If you do not immediately pay attention to this, then there may be serious problems in the engine. Therefore, we offer you instructions for removing the clutch on the example of several types of technology.

How to remove the clutch from the VAZ 2110

This car model is considered one of the most maintainable. Removing the clutch and repair is quite simple, with what an ordinary car enthusiast can handle. You must do the following:

  1. Remove the gearbox.
  2. Insert the mandrel into the hole of the pressure plate so that the driven disc does not fall out of the casing (you can use the old input shaft as the mandrel).
  3. Lock flywheel with a screwdriver.
  4. Remove the 6 bolts to separate the cover from the flywheel.
  5. Remove the cover with the driven disc (make sure that it does not fall out!).

Now we inspect the driven disk for damage. If the following deficiencies have been identified, the clutch must be replaced:

  • weak riveted joints;
  • engine oil is present on the friction linings;
  • the damper springs are damaged;
  • on the slave drive there is warping;
  • At the junction of the flywheel and the pressure plate there are signs of wear.

In the case of data damage, it is necessary to change the flywheel or pressure plate, but experts recommend installing a new clutch in the complex immediately.

Tip: in order not to change the clutch often on the VAZ 2110, do not keep your foot on it. This habit is acquired from inexperienced drivers because of the fear of not disengaging the clutch at the time of stopping the car. It is a little bit, but it is constantly in a squeezed state, which leads to slippage and rapid wear of the driven disk.

How to remove the clutch on a scooter

Remove the clutch on a scooter better together. Before removing the clutch, it is necessary to remove the variator cover and V-belt, and then perform the following actions:

  1. Unscrew the driven pulley nut. Insert a stopper or metal rod between the hole of the drum and the surface of the scooter, then throw the key on the nut, loosen it with a hammer blow.
  2. Remove the clutch drum.
  3. Remove the driven pulley.
  4. Carefully inspect the clutch pads. If there are mechanical damages, signs of wear, chips, scratches, the connection of the friction material is damaged, then the pads must be replaced.
  5. Separate the clutch assembly from the driven pulley. To do this, hold the knot in a vice and loosen the central nut. Clamping should be done with little effort, so as not to damage the friction material. For this you can use gaskets made of aluminum. Unscrew the nut gradually, otherwise the spring mechanism will work and may injure you. This is where the help of the second person, who will press the clutch to the pulley, is necessary in order to prevent a sharp spring action.
  6. Remove the clutch assembly and spring.
  7. Inspect parts for damage. If there are signs of contamination, the sleeves should be washed with a cleaner. You can also use kerosene or paint thinner. Then you need to lubricate them with engine oil.

Then remove the pads, if you need to replace them. If the pads are in working condition, then clean them of dirt and apply a thin layer of high-temperature plasticlubricants. Then install the clutch on the scooter in reverse order.

How to remove the clutch from a chainsaw

Each chainsaw has its own characteristics of installation and removal of the clutch. Nevertheless, a certain algorithm of actions is typical for all models. We provide exactly this instruction:

  1. Remove the chain brake cover. You need to pull the brake handle towards yourself so that the brake tape does not touch the clutch cup, loosen the 2 nuts holding the cover, loosen the chain tensioner and tires and unscrew the nuts finally.
  2. Remove the tire, chain and remove any contamination.
  3. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder bore.
  4. To fix the piston in the cylinder. This can be done by lowering a rope into the candle hole, which will impede movement. Do not miss the end of the rope! It will then need to be removed completely.
  5. Remove the nut on the clutch. Rotate the key clockwise, as the thread on the left side; You only need to use the tool from the kit for the chainsaw, in the case of using a chisel and a hammer, you can deform the edges.
  6. Remove the clutch and drum with a drive sprocket.
  7. Assess the level of damage to the needle bearing.

Valuable indication: be very careful when removing the leading sprocket. Errors can lead to the fact that when you install it back the pump will not supply oil to the saw headset.

Thus, you can remove the clutch from these types of equipment.

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