How to remove the gas tank?

Sam Gold
Sam Gold
July 9, 2014
How to remove the gas tank?

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How to remove the gas tank?

The gas tank compared to other parts of the car is less in need of repair or maintenance. However, sometimes it must be removed for the purpose of replacement, repair or in order to remove all the dirt accumulated during the operation of the car. Today we will talk about how to remove the gas tank from the VAZ-2106.

Before proceeding with the main action, do not forget to drain all the remaining fuel! Only after that you can remove the gas tank:

  1. Disconnect the power wires from the fuel level sensor on the vehicle. This can be done by pulling them off. Just pull up, and the wires go away on their own.
  2. Also under the tank you will find a thin ventilation hose. He also needsGas tankdisconnect.
  3. Loosen the fuel hose clamp. On many models, this stage causes certain difficulties, since during the operation the hose simply sticks to the nipple. To cope with this, it is enough to whip it a little with the help of pliers, twisting the hose around the nozzle. After a couple of minutes, it can be easily removed.
  4. Now it is necessary to unscrew the fasteners of the tank ties.
  5. The left side of the yoke needs to be pulled down, since it is completelyGas tankfreed up
  6. That at removal of a tank the stopper of a mouth did not interfere, it needs to be turned off also.
  7. After unscrewing the cork you need to move the tank to the left. So the neck will be released from the rubber cover in the car body.
  8. And the last moment: it is necessary to unscrew the nut of the negative wire. This can be done with pliers, but experts advise using a deep head for 7.

Now the gas tank is not secured to the body of the car, and it can be carefully removed from the trunk.

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