How to reschedule an apartment

Permission for redevelopment is issued exclusively by local authorities. After performing work in the apartment, the commission checks the changes. These services will cost you nothing, but the rest of the specialists, including designers and architects, will have to pay. Starting redevelopment design, write a statement in the prescribed form. And employees of the local housing committee will prompt you the name of the addressee. The official period for which the commission should have time to make a decision is 45 days. But usually this process takes only a week or two.
Lovers of arbitrariness is better to remember the punishments for their rash actions. On such craftsmen most often reported by neighbors, disturbed by falling off plaster or the noise of drilling walls. First, a warning will follow, after which, in case of disobedience to the request to return the apartment’s layout to a voluntary basis, the public organization can take radical measures. The most innocuous of them is filing a lawsuit in court with a fine of about 9,000 rubles or more.In extreme cases, even the sale of an apartment may follow in order to compensate for the damage caused to the building by the illegal actions of one of the tenants.

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