How to reset canon mp190

You will need
  • - programmer to reset the canon mp190.
Purchase a special device for zeroing the chips of Canon cartridges, they are called programmers and are sold in stores of goods servicing copiers, as well as computer stores and in places of sale of radio equipment. It can also be ordered at the Bayard store, if there is one in your city.
Please note that this simple device can be assembled by yourself with programming and circuit engineering skills, however, if there is no knowledgeable person in your environment who would help you, do not take risks if you do not want to spoil your cartridge.
Carefully read the instructions of the programmer - if you do not have the skills of a confident user with a personal computer and copying equipment, entrust the resetting of the Canon cartridge to service center professionals.
If you are confident in your abilities - strictly follow the instructions and follow the sequence of actions. When refilling, note that it is best not to fill the cartridge completely.
Contact the service center or copy center specialists for resetting the cartridge chipset. This is a fairly inexpensive procedure, given the repeated use of the component. It is also a very convenient option for replacing the chip, this is especially convenient if you have a starter set of cartridges in your printer, which comes bundled with a printing device. Often, in some new models, chipsets are not amenable to zeroing, and this option is the way out in this situation.
Do not refill the printer cartridge more than 5 times if you expect high quality printing, especially with inkjet device models. Periodically clean the cartridge from ink residue, but be extremely careful when disassembling. Do not use low-quality components and consumables, it spoils the device.

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