How to restore hair after summer

The first rule of healthy hair is the use of conditioners and conditioners for balsams. They are the main defenders of our hair from damage and dryness. And also make the hair smoother, silky and obedient. Unlike masks, these tools do not need to be rubbed into the roots. In stores, choose balms that are designed specifically for dry and damaged hair. This way you will achieve the best effect in a shorter time. The main thing is not to take breaks in the application of products - use them after each shampooing.
The second rule - regularly visit the hairdresser. Over the summer, your hair has lost a lot of moisture, especially at the tips. Split ends must be cut off every month, otherwise your hair may suffer very much and lose a decent look. But staining, highlighting or other chemical procedures will only aggravate the condition of the hair.
The third rule - make masks for hair.Choose masks with polysaturated fatty acids. Also now you can find a lot of recipes for homemade hair masks. Or use natural oils as masks. The most popular are olive and burdock oil. Heat the oil in a water bath. Apply to the entire length of hair, rubbing into the scalp. After 15 minutes, rinse with shampoo. By the way, the choice of shampoo should be taken more than seriously. Damaged hair requires shampoo, which contains the contents of aloe, oats, jojoba oil and wheat germ.

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