How to return money for the game in Steam

Steam game is very popular. The appeal of this project is that the developer can return the invested money to gamers. It's just wonderful, especially if the player bought the game for a mistake, or it just did not appeal to the soul! Valve makes a refund in various situations. The main thing is to make a request through the function for a refund no later than 14 days after the purchase of content in the Steam game. If the return is approved by the developer, then you need to wait another 7 days. During this period of time, the money will be returned to the Steam in-game purse.

How to return money for the game in Steam

When can I get a refund?

Before you send a request to the support service, you should find out the conditions under which you can return the money for the game on Steam.

On a note! The ability to return money in the Steam store applies to software, DLC and games, from the moment of the purchase of which no more than 14 days have passed. In this case, the player spent in them a maximum of 2 hours.

Here are the basic conditions for canceling a purchase:

  1. In-game purchases in the Steam store.If no more than 48 hours have passed since the purchase of content in Valve, you can request a refund. But these products should not be consumed, transferred or modified in any way. If Steam agrees to return, the player receives a notification.
  2. Additional or low-quality content that is distributed through the market Steam, DLC, is used by other programs and games.

Note! Refund for additional resources can not be, if they are released by third-party developers and focused on the "eternal" increase of the game character.

How to return money for the game in Steam

  1. Cash transferred to your own Steam Wallet. You can request a refund within 2 weeks from the date of transfer, if the player has not yet used the currency.
  2. Preorders. If the user prepares a pre-order at the Valve store and pays for it, he can count on a refund at any time. But as long as the goods are not released.
  3. Kits purchased on Steam. However, all their contents must be present in the account of the player who decided to return the funds. At the same time, the total time taken to use the kit does not exceed 120 minutes. In addition, it should be borne in mind that if the set is supplemented with an in-game item or additional resources, you cannot request a refund.
  4. Steam devices and accessories accompanying them. The reason can be any, including poor-quality execution. In this situation, you can contact the support service within the month that has passed from the date of delivery. But the player must send back accessories and devices that did not fit for certain reasons, within two weeks of the request for a refund. The manufacturer issues instructions for this.

If the conditions under which you can return the money in the game Steam, everything is clear, when to count on concessions is not worth it? Valve does not refund the purchase of goods outside of Steam. This applies to the purchase of wallet codes or digital keys. Also, do not count on concessions for the video in the game.

On a note! If a player is blocked by VAC for cheating, then he completely loses the opportunity to return a game that has been blocked.

Steam Refund

To return money for the game in Steam, you need to perform several actions.

Step 1- First you need to go to the Steam client, and then select “Help” in the top menu. When tabs drop out, you need to click on "Steam Support".

How to return money for the game in Steam

Step 2- Now in the list of games you need to find your option and in the next window note the reason for the return. The easiest way to indicate that the game did not meet expectations.

How to return money for the game in Steam

Step 3- Then you need to click in the menu tab, which offers to create a request for a refund in the game.

How to return money for the game in Steam

That's almost all! In the next paragraph, the user will find out whether it is possible to return the funds specifically for this game on Steam. If conditions allow, it will be necessary to choose from the pop-up menu the reason why the player wants to return the finances. Then it remains only to wait for the decision of the developer.

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