How to revive feelings

First of all, be aware that your problem is unusually widespread. After all, practically no couple leaves the extinction of feelings. So if suddenly the person whom you idolized, begins to irritate furiously in everyday life, calm down and try to realize that this state is only a temporary phenomenon. And of course, it will pass.
Take a detailed analysis: what do you dislike most in life together? Perhaps the routine and standard rituals present in everyday life are boring to death? So change everything for at least one day - dine at the restaurant, play checkers together, go to a dance. So you get rid of the habits that are hiddenfeelings.
Perhaps it is worth talking - not routinely to sort things out, reaching the scandal, but mentally and accurately. For example, you can simply say that you would like to terribly repeat the romantic evening of the first dates at least once.
Psychologists claim that changing something in life is simply necessary. Even if it’s about sex.After all, routine sex is an unpleasant affair. So why, finally, do not overstep yourself and try to surprise your partner? Such things exactly revive the former ardor.
Butfeelingsblunted not only because of the usual sex and life. It may be that in the course of family life, it turned out that you have practically nothing in common with your husband, except, of course, at home and children. And friends, and habits, and hobbies, and different professions - what can you do? Psychologists are strongly advised to "artificially" create common interests. Read the same book, discuss it, buy a dog, go fishing. What if it “drags on” and you both become avid dog lovers or fishermen?
And still people are brought together by difficulties and common enemies. As difficulties, you can plan the construction of a country house, but it’s better not to have common as well as individual enemies.
Finally, just remember the times when your partner caused you complete enthusiasm. Try to remember those feelings, thoughts, words.

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