How to save water

The first thing you need to do to save water is to buy a meter for cold and hot consumption. Then you will no longer count the consumption of water hot and cold, as well as water removal at general rates. By consuming these services at fixed prices, you get big savings. The cost of installing the metering device will pay off within a year.
Repair all plumbing in the apartment so that there are no water leaks. Put on the toilet tank with a double drain system. Modern types of cranes with metal-ceramic elements, instead of rubber gaskets, do not leak.
When washing in the shower, turn off the water supply when soaping and turn it on when rinsing.
Wash the potatoes in a saucepan.
Brush your teeth with the faucet closed. Even better, pour water to rinse your teeth into a glass.
You can save water by watering the dacha by collecting rainwater in the tank by lowering the drain from the roof to the water tank.

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