How to sell a photo bank

������What is a photo bank? This is a network resource on which authors can upload their photos and set a certain price for them. There are a lot of such resources on the Internet; they are very popular with photographers. Users visiting the sites of photobanks (photo stocks) can choose their photos of interest and buy them.
An attractive feature of working with photobanks is that the author can post his photos at once on a variety of resources. A high-quality actual photo can be downloaded thousands of times! And for each download the author receives a reward set by him.

How much can you earn working with photobanks

Working with photo stocks requires the ability to find relevant topics. By offering in-demand photographs, a photographer can earn thousands of dollars a month. But this is a high level, to reach which is very difficult. To earn such sums, you must place hundreds or even thousands of photos.
Therefore, the first task is to learn how to find relevant topics. To do this, look at the same photostocks rating of the sold photos and be guided by those genres that are most in demand. For example, photos on business subjects are very popular. But a photo of your favorite dog or picturesque landscape may not find a single buyer. The more relevant your photos, the higher the earnings.

Work with photobanks

The first stage is registration in the selected photo bank; it takes a few minutes. As a rule, photographers register on several popular resources at once. Also immediately think about how you will receive a fee for photos. This can cause serious difficulties - in particular, you may need a dollar bank account and passport to confirm your identity.
All posted photos must be of high quality, so the work of a household soap box is immediately excluded - you need a professional camera. The photo is laid out in the maximum size, and the photo bank itself will automatically offer users several versions of a photo of a different size.In this case, the price of such versions will be different. As a rule, authors rarely put a price on a photo above $ 1 - earnings are not achieved due to the high price, but due to the large number of downloads.
Each photo should be accompanied by a list of keywords, thanks to which buyers can find them. Words can be entered directly on the photo site, but it is better to use special software for working with photos. There are several programs of similar functionality that are easy to find on the net. Competent selection of keywords is one of the keys to successful sale of photos.
If there is a person in your photo, you need to attach a document to the photo in which this person gives permission to take pictures. Ready-made forms of such documents can be found on photobanks sites. Your photos will be checked - if they are of high quality and their plot is not subject to any prohibitions, they will be available to potential buyers.

Is it worth doing

Working with photo stocks requires quite a lot of effort, the ability to always be on the crest of demand. Do not expect quick earnings - it may take months before you get the first fees.But if you master this market niche, you will get an excellent opportunity to engage in interesting creative work.
It is worth mentioning that the photos do not necessarily lay out in its original form. Very much in demand are photographs modified in one way or another. For example, using the program Photoshop can be removed the background - photos on a white background perfectly bought by site owners. Various collages, vector graphics - everything that is beautiful and original is in demand.
The most difficult thing when working with photo stocks is to take the first steps. A few months later, when experience appears and the first fees go, it will be much more fun to work. But the most important thing is that you will be absolutely free and independent - this is what attracts most of all in this work.

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