How to send mms message

You will need
  • Mobile phone, basic possession of mobile firmware, MMS settings, as well as the connected function of sending and receiving multimedia messages.
Pick up your phone and open the main menu, where, in theory, should be located all the preset functions. In one of the items you will be presented with a folder with SMS messages andMMS. It is here that they will come, and from here you will send any messages inside and outside your mobile network.
How to send mms <b> message </ b>
Make an attempt to sendMMSto check if this service is available to you. The whole "salt" is that you may not have activated this service, or there is not enough money in your personal account to send thismessage.
If everything is in order, then in that case nothing prevents you from creating your firstMMS. Multimedia messages are created by analogy with text messages, but in the appendage to the bare text, you can attach a photo, audio recording or video.To attach additional material, select “attach” and find the necessary material in the memory of the mobile device. Then enter the addressee’s number and sendmessage.
How to send mms <b> message </ b>
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Please note that all sent messages are quoted at the rates of your service provider. Beforehand check with the rates for the transfer and dispatch of MMS, which should be presented on the official website or in the customer service center.
Helpful advice
Before attempting to send a multimedia message, you need to make sure that the GPRS or EDGE transmission settings are correctly set in your device. You should also install an access point, but all these "little things" are usually set due to the settings sent by the operator.

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